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LV-223 Engineer and Xenomorph Similar Traits: Lateral Ridges and Double-Ribbing

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Xenomorph Arm Lateral Ridges, Alien (Photoshop Filtered)

Engineer Arm Lateral Ridges, Prometheus (Photoshop Filtered)

Engineer Torso Double-Ribbing, Prometheus (Photoshop Filtered)

Xenomorph Torso Double-Ribbing, Alien (Photoshop Filtered)

David's Notes, Alien: Covenant (Photoshop Filtered)
"show a transition from a curiously unmodified forearm skeletal structure to a more fortified one where mass is transferred to reinforcing lateral ridges"

David's Notes

David's Lab, Alien: Covenant (Photoshop filtered)

Lateral ridges are apparent in the juggernaut construction, the hive formation, and similarities seen in the Engineer suits on LV-223 and the biomechanical xenomorph. David was shown to resurrect old ways and technology in Alien: Covenant and in his notes but his Planet 4 xenomorph (seen below) wasn't yet biomechanical and looked more organic.

Planet 4 Xenomorph, Alien: Covenant (Photoshop filtered)

Xenomorph on USCSS Covenant above Planet 4, Alien: Covenant (Photoshop Filtered)

What we have yet to see is those who provided these technological gifts to the Engineers that David took advantage of in his attempt to craft a perfect organism. There is an obvious refinement in the xenomorph in-between what is seen Alien: Covenant and Alien and what is described later in the canon novels and comics.


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