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Eyes Opened

Was Planet 4 the First Image David Saw When Opening His Eyes?

"It wasn’t dreaming. It did not have the capability. The omission wasn’t intentional, not deliberate. This was simply a known consequence of its creation. Where it was concerned, the intention was that there should be no surprises.
In the absence of an unconscious consciousness there could be no abstract conceptualization. The speculative information dump necessary to allow for dreaming was absent.. Yet–there was something. Difficult to define. Ultimately, only it could define it’s own state of non–being. Only it could understand what it did not know, did not see, did not feel. In the absence of dreaming there was also no pain. There was no joy. There were no hypofractionated percentages of either.. There was only the ongoing state of not quite nothingness. Of almost being.
Then, a sensation. Leading to a thought. Analysis: possible visual perception. A requirement for auxiliary neural stimulation. Neurons were fired. Electrical impulses traveled. There was a small but an arguable neuromuscular response.
Eyes opened.

Alien: Covenant novelization, page 7.

Mountain Range Forensics

The images below are from Prometheus and Alien: Covenant and apparently show a similar mountain range and pyramid in the background. David is speaking to Peter Weyland moments after opening his eyes for the first time below, shown in the opening of Alien: Covenant.

The images below show a comparison of the mountain range in the background from the vantage point of what looks like Daniels' room on the USCSS Covenant ship.

The Mountain Range

The image above is shown in the trailer below at around the 0:13 point.

The comparisons are shown again below in Covenant Ship on the Surface of Paradise.

Where is Planet 4?