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COMNET ENTRY // January 14, 2219

LV-223 is visited more than a century after Peter Weyland's death on the planet.
Notes: Many consider this episode "non-canon" because of the appearance of a Predator later in the series. Prometheus: Fire and Stone is still a great read regardless, in my opinion because the story returns to LV-223. 
Someone was stranded on LV-223 after Peter Weyland died and experimented with black goo pathogen in an attempt to adjust aggression in xenomorph-like organisms created.  The the notes on this experimentation were found in a cave.  
Components of the story from this series seemed to make it to Alien: Covenant.

Source: Prometheus: Fire and Stone (Photoshop Filtered)

Source: Prometheus (Photoshop Filtered)

Source: Prometheus: Fire and Stone (

Source: Prometheus: Fire and Stone (


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