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COMNET ENTRY // March 2497 - Organically Grown Synthetic Life

Special Order 937 Progress


Good News: Biomechanical Data

Chapter 39 Communications






It appears that the subject is substantially more aggressive than we had expected, or even hoped....


I believe we will be substantially closer to a fruitful merging of biotech and weapons manufacture...The alien vessel and the buildings found at the dig site indicate similar-if not the same-patterns: organically grown synthetic life."


March 2497,  Alien: Sea of Sorrows, page 260.

(Note: Alan Decker saw his kids a couple of weeks after January 1, 2497 and he was kidnapped and put into hypersleep for the trip to LV-178, New Galveston, shortly after his family visit. His trip from New Galveston to Earth earlier after his injury was 47 days.)

Satan Exulting Over Eve

Satan Exulting Over Eve

Painting by William Blake filtered in Photoshop.

Chapter 22 Data Stream

“The signal came in clearly, reaching from the transmitters on the surface to the ship in geostationary orbit above the Sea of Sorrows. What came through looked, for all intents and purposes, like so much white noise. Sometimes that was inevitable, especially in areas where interference caused signal reflection and signal breakdown….


Andrea Rollins didn’t care in the least about white noise or interference. She did, however, pay a great deal of attention to the signal embedded inside of that synthetic static.


Weyland-Yutani owned the patents on the devices that created that artificial signal, and on the hardware and software that could break it down into its component parts. It wasn’t a technology currently available on the market. Hers was the only computer on the ship capable of breaking down the coded information.”

March 2497, Alien: Sea of Sorrows, page 160-161.

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