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Alien: Covenant Origins by Alan Dean Foster

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

“Bodies were ripped apart, exploded, sundered, until dismembered skeletons began to pile up against the sides of buildings like white foam from a wave. A tsunami of blood ran down first one street, then another.”

Alien: Covenant Origins Prologue

The Covenant Crew

It appears that the Covenant crew was kept in the dark in regards to the details of the development of the synthetic that was to join them on the colonization mission to Origae-6. And that there were David models of both sexes in appearance.

The captain of the Covenant mission is complaining to Weyland-Yutani reps on the ship during departure preparations in Earth orbit about the delay in the delivery of their synthetic. Jacob didn't refer to their synthetic as "Walter.”

Jacob gave a casual wave. "So we've been told. Repeatedly. He--I presume the David series is still mostly male--should have been on board and interacting with the rest of us several weeks ago."

Alien: Covenant Origins novel, page 20.

In the novel, the scientist that is left to sign off on Walter for the Covenant mission insinuates that David may have been responsible for the failure of the Prometheus mission.

"As the first of its kind, there were always 'issues' with David."

Alien: Covenant Origins novel, page 143.

The Hot Tub

Walter's head with collagen scaffolding visible. (Source: Meet Walter, 20th Century Fox, Photoshop Filtered)

More rectangular than circular, it was at present filled with the most expensive stew on the planet: an incredibly complex and astoundingly diverse melange of proteins, minerals, and assorted other biochemical spices that when solidified and knitted together would form the body of a synthetic.
An artificial human.

Alien: Covenant Origins, page 131.

Walter collagen scaffolding, chest area. (Source: Meet Walter, 20th Century Fox, Photoshop Filtered)

"The portal closed, leaving Steinmetz along with his thoughts. In front of him, the triple heads up display continued to clean brightly; facts and figures and on one, a face. The face of Walter.
Beside it, the face of his predecessor, David.
Only a few seemingly minor issues yet to be resolved.
They would be resolved, he told himself firmly based on what Harbison had told him, he had no choice.
The two faces gazing back at him where identical. Behind the faces, they were not. Small, small differences. Steinmetz right hand swept from his forehead across his skull and came to rest against the back of his neck."

Alien: Covenant Origins, page 144-145.

The End of the Novel

In the end of Alien: Covenant Origins, Walter makes a promise to Daniels regarding her safety. Walter first inquires as to why some might work against the Covenant mission. Daniels explains this opposition to Walter by describing those against the mission as not subscribing to logic. Walter assures Daniels that he will never forsake her, see below.

"We are Walter" (Source: Meet Walter, 20th Century Fox, Photoshop filtered)

“Don’t worry. I’ll never let you down. No matter what.”

The last words Alien: Covenant Origins, page 344.


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