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Alien: River of Pain by Christopher Golden

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Bodacious novel Mr Golden.

Alien: River of Pain Story

I thought Alien: River of Pain was a great book. The characters exhibit every conceivable noble approach in an attempt to save others and there are some that discount humans at the expense of science. And there are no robots mentioned until the very last pages of the book. Most notable in regards to the xenomorph/mutagen was that the resin secreted by them and the vomit that the xenomorph uses to subdue the hosts is cited many times.

"The sticky, hardening resin that the demons secreted was everywhere."

Alien: River of Pain, page 273.

"The colony had a spaceworthy excavator ship on hand to mine asteroids, should the need arise. The question was whether or not The Onager had been here on Acheron..."

Alien: River of Pain, page 242.

"Anne froze. Now she understood why the corridors were so high and so wide. They hadn’t been built this size for the sake of grandeur, but simply for scale. The remains of this new creature were more humanoid than the first, but even larger than the others—nine feet, Anne guessed. All that remains of its body was it’s skeleton – bones inside some kind of exo-suit of the same design as the ship, with the same techno—organic texture."

Alien: River Pain, page 169.


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