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Dark Horse Comics "Starbeast" Series based on Dan O'Bannon's Screenplay

Dark Horse Comics is producing a series based on Dan O'Bannon's Starbeast screenplay that was later titled Alien (source, This screenplay would go through many changes that ultimately would become the Alien film in 1979. Issue #1 of Alien: The Original Screenplay will be released Wednesday, April 22, 2020.

Source: Dark Horse Comics "Starbeast" Alien Series

Source: Dark Horse Comics "Starbeast" Alien Series

Starbeast Pyramid
In the Starbeast screenplay, there is a Tapering Stone Pyramid similar to those seen in Prometheus and Alien: Covenant.

Prometheus Pyramid
Pyramids are seen in both Alien: Covenant and Prometheus.

Pyramid found in "Starbeast".

A single person lowers into a cavern described as "feels like the tropics" from a tripod and line. The same line used to pull up the same person later after contact is lost.

Broussard is attacked by a facehugger in "Starbeast".

Broussard has a facehugger attached to his head in the "Starbeast" screenplay.

The alien has acid for blood in "Starbeast".

The alien's acidic blood in "Starbeast" continues to be active after death unlike the dead facehugger in Alien (1979).


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