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Is this shimmering light or reflection the Engineer Distress Beacon Transmitter on Planet 4?

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

The crew of the Nostromo was awoken from hypersleep in order to investigate a signal on LV-426. Is this blinking, shimmering light on Planet 4 shown below a device transmitting Dr. Elizabeth Shaw's recorded message the USCSS Covenant crew investigated?

This Engineer transmitter is described in the Alien novelization and the shiny metal bar moving back and forth might produce this shimmering light effect when Planet 4's sunlight is shinning on it.

Alien: Covenant Blinking Light on Planet 4's Surface?

Stern side view of the USCSS Covenant lander on Planet 4.

The hills in the background of the wheat field on Planet 4 make up the Starboard view of the USCSS Covenant lander.

Port side view of the USCSS Covenant lander.

The Engineer Transmitter is Mentioned in the Novelizations

"And evidence of mechanical life was provided by the sight of a single metal bar moving steadily back and forth on its grooved track, though it made, according to the suit sensors, not a sound.
‘Looks like it’s still functioning. Wonder how long it’s been running like this’ Kane examined the device….They turned to Lambert…’It’s the transmitter. Automatic distress call, just like we imagined it might be. It looks clean enough to be brand new, though it’s likely been putting out that signal for years.’ She shrugged. ‘Maybe decades. Or longer.’”

Alien novelization (1979), page 76.

USCSS Covenant Lander on Planet 4

USCSS Covenant Lander View 1.
USCSS Covenant Lander View 2.

The light appears to come from the USCSS Covenant lander. If that is true, then what was transmitting the Dr. Shaw signal while the fungus was growing on the Engineer console?

Fungus growing on the Engineer console when found on Planet 4 by Captain Oram.

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