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Michael Bishop (NECA Bishop Android) Weyland-Yutani Lifeboat Module Concept Art

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

The Lifeboat provided not only life sustaining resources for half a century but also a "safety beacon" that connected to COMNET and this link to the company net is most likely how Dr. Shaw transmitted her last message received from January 1, 2094. This luxury entertainment, medical, and private suite was built to last indefinitely and was outfitted with the best communications equipment.

The Weyland Corp Lifeboat seemed like a logical, mobile comfortable hub that could attach to a or fit inside of the Colonial Marines ship transporting Michael Bishop and still maintain a link with Weyland-Yutani COMNET. Michael Bishop could have used a Weyland Lifeboat to prepare for his encounter with Ellen Ripley to review incoming feeds from the Fury 161 Closed Circuit Security Feeds.

Original Image Source: and the Prometheus DVD Menu, (Photoshop Filtered)

Original Image Source: Prometheus (Photoshop Filtered)

The Lifeboat

Original Image Source: The Weyland-Yutani Report (Photoshop Filtered)

Original Image Source: Prometheus (Photoshop Filtered)

“Once free of the mothership, the lifeboat operates using its own propulsion system, and features a retro-rocket capability as well as its own atmosphere and safety beacon.”

Prometheus: The Art of The Film, page 58.

Original Image Source: Prometheus (Photoshop Filtered)

Michael Bishop on Weyland Lifeboat Concept Art, NECA Bishop Android, Alien 3 Jacket, (Photoshop Filtered)

Michael Bishop on Weyland Lifeboat Reviewing Closed Circuit Security Feeds From Fury 161, (Photoshop Filtered)

Alien: Bishop Save The Queen Promotional Art, NECA Alien and Prometheus (Photoshop Filtered)


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